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"Does this really work?" and "Will this work for me specifically?" are two questions that are probably going through your mind. The goal of this page is to help you answer that.

How Chris Nearly 4X'ed His Income

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income nearly 4X'ed

✅ New home

✅ New car

✅ Donated large sums to charity

How Josh Sold More Than $800,000 in <5 Months

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 2X'ed

✅ New home

✅ Promoted to VP

How Tanya 3X'ed Her Income in <6 Months

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 3X'ed

✅ New home in a dream school district

✅ More time with her family

✅ #1 at her company

How Mike 2X'ed His Income

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 2X'ed

✅ Achieved President's Club and finished #2 out of 100 reps

✅ Greater results with less effort

✅ Mentor and leader to other reps

How Reed 2X'ed His Income

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 2X'ed

✅ Achieved President's Club and finished in the top 1% out of 600+ reps

✅ Closer massively larger deals

✅ Promoted to a Sales Leader

✅ Greater results and working less

How Preston Closed $2.9M in <90 Days

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ $290,000+ in Commissions in <90 Days

✅ Start up company now has one of the top 100 fastest growing apps on the Apple Store

✅ Promoted to hiring and running a national sales team

How Avi Earned a 300% ROI in <6 Months

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 2X'ed

✅ #1 on his team

✅ Able to start a side hustle using his newly developed skills

How Christian Closed $700,000+

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 2X'ed

✅ Moved into his dream Penthouse

✅ Closed over $700,000

How Samantha Closed 10 Enterprise Deals in 5 Months

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Closed 10 Enterprise Deals

✅ Greater results with less effort

✅ Company-wide recognition

How Chris Earned a 1000% ROI

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ 5-Figure Earning Months

✅ #1 on his team

✅ In process of buying a home in Seattle

How Aisha Closed $1M in 3 Months

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Closed over $1M in 3 months

✅ Promoted in 3 months

How Patrick Increased His Income 20%

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income increased 20% (heavy base-focused comp)

✅ Greater results with less effort

✅ Mentoring reps on his team

How Brad Increased His Results 70%

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ 70%+ increase in results

✅ Taking on more responsibilities and leadership at work

✅ Boosted motivation and drive

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We are helping them master everything from top of the funnel cold prospecting through running a tight sales process to a close. So they can build bulletproof confidence, 2-4X their comp plan, win every award possible, get promoted, and ultimately become the best version of themselves.

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              John Haboush

                  AE @ tray.io

Marcus is hands down the best sales coach I’ve ever had. He’s specifically great for learning to do proper discovery and managing a deal cycle. His support has been phenomenal. He lets me ask tons of questions and gives me detailed feedback that has left me super impressed. My leadership had me do a training session as they liked my disco calls so much… I shared with them what Marcus taught me! Marcus’s team is also top notch. Christian was helpful and thoughtful when I was evaluating whether to go into the program. This is worth the money hands down. If you “dont have the money”… find it because you will make more getting their coaching. If you don’t do this, you’re at risk of missing out on major lessons that will change your sales career and confidence! PS- Marcus is also just a good person and has your best interests at heart.

              Joshua Patino


Marcus’ coaching program gave me the insight to the sales cycle I was looking for. How do I help the prospect go from prospect to closed won. The structure of the program, the weekly calls, and his own personal availability made the difference. 8 months later and with still much to learn, I’m a much more proficient and efficient salesperson. I hit quota in my first year and on my way to surpass my quota for this year. Thank you, Marcus! LFG!


                  Senior Account Director @ Persefoni

I’ve been been in sales for 10 years but never worked in SaaS, Marcus’ coaching program set me up for success selling in a completely new environment. Within 4 months, I landed a Fortune 500 company which was also one of the largest deals in the company to date. I felt confident running discovery with a room full of execs and knew the right questions to ask and how to run a proper call. My proudest moment to date is helping to elevate our brand as a leader in our sector, especially given the fierce competition. I thrive off of making my team proud and have a strong drive to be an elite contributor in my company. I value the mentorship Marcus and his program provide and had I not taken action and joined I don’t think I would be half as successful as I have been to date. Thank you Marcus!!!!

              Trev Ledwidge

                  Clinical Sales Territory Manager -                                Accuscience

Marcus's coaching program has given me the confidence to go from no sales experience to knowing exactly what the best practices are for every step of the sales process. I now know exactly how to engage with each prospect, how to ask the right questions at the right time, when to listen, and how to handle any objection. If this course was just the step-by-step program it would still be worth the cost. However, the addition of the weekly coaching calls makes this more than a course, it makes it a community of professionals who are laser focused on investing and improving themselves. I know that if I hadn't of invested in myself at the start of 2023, I would have severe imposter syndrome working as part of a sales team and I'd be painfully experiencing all of Marcus's lessons the hard way. Without doubt the best investment I've made in years, Marcus is a legend when it comes to teaching his evergreen skillsets.

              Brandon Lecoq

                  Director of Sales @ BEMO

Worth every penny. As a Director of Sales, I paid for all 4 of my AEs to attend Marcus Chan training and in 1 single quarter have improved so much.


                  Global Account Manager | Canada

Marcus' coaching program has been instrumental in my sales growth. Marcus has helped Improve my ability to not only prospect and gain the prospects trust, but finalizing and closing deals quicker and at a higher amount. The ability to be with other liked minded sales individuals to brainstorm ideas and understand how to overcome various challenges is invaluable. I truly believe if I didn't take Marcus' course I would still be struggling with attaining my quarterly quota. Thx Marcus!

              Tanya Sherman

                  Account Executive

Marcus’s coaching has helped me realize how important mindset, confidence and keeping it super simple can be. It literally changed how I go about my career choice in sales and helped me to accept that this is my field of choice. Before I would always have one foot in and one out due to fear. More than double earning and breaking in to six figures. Proudest outcome is showing up as me on every sales interaction without lack mindset. I bring the energy and happy vibes vs trying to be some robot “professional” that uses big words and over talks. The best thing about the program is the ongoing access to Marcus I feel like I have a lifetime sales coach for those moments we all go through. If I hadn’t taken the course… I don’t know thankfully I don’t have to think about that 🥴🙌🏿😂

              Chris Bushnell

                  Mortgage Broker, Leverage Lending                              Group

I’ve read all of the sales books, taken other coaching programs, and attack everyday with a winning mindset, but I could never reach a 6 figure income before I met Marcus. I’m not sure whether it’s the tangible skills he teaches, the intangible skills, or a combination of both, but once I started learning from Marcus, something clicked and my results changed dramatically. I’m now earning well into the 6 figures and able to live the life that I want. I’ve been able to donate to organizations that helped me earlier in my life, and support my family and those who I care about. If I didn’t take action and join Marcus’s program, I’m confident I wouldn’t be able to support my family the way I am, and live the life that I live.

              Ian Lexen

                  Business Development Manager,                                EmployBridge

I used to have a lingering feeling that I could be “doing stuff better” at sales. Marcus gave me a clear step-by-step pathway to improve - to get massive results by refining every aspect of how I sell. Directly applying his training, I’ve closed deals 5-10x larger than anything I sold before. More than the financial growth, though, I have seasoned sales pros in my organization, often with longer tenure than me, asking for my input on their sales strategies. If you’re on the fence, take the leap to join Marcus’s training program and community of sales professionals. You will earn back your investment many times over!

              Brad Stuart

                  Terra Lana

VALUE, VALUE VALUE! In a world where sales coaches are a dime a dozen, Marcus stands out in the crowd with the content he's created and his enthusiasm to see everyone he works with succeed. He's personable, charismatic and a lot of fun to chat with. You will never regret the investment to work with Marcus.

              Karanbir Bhullar


Signing up to Marcus's coaching has been a great investment. He's helped me overcome mental barriers, develop a routine and process that works - resulting in increased sales and close bigger deals. Not only is Marcus great at what he does, he's warm, full of energy, and takes the time to answer every question I've, which has been very helpful. Also the weekly call on Wednesdays is gold - that alone is worth every penny.

              Alan W.

Marcus has been nothing short of amazing as a coach. He's helped me gain confidence in who I'am and who I want to be. He's helped me with my biggest struggle to date, cold calling and prospecting. I've never done it before and don't enjoy the idea of it. He taught me how to gameify it and how to think about it. I don't necessarily enjoy cold calling, but its been instrumental in helping me getting mroe appointments and helping me in my career as a sales professional. This is just the tip of the iceburg within the program. The reason I harp about this so much is because it's my biggest struggle. Marcus is accessible and gets back to you in a very timely manner. He also checks in with you to see how he can best serve you. Thank you Marcus and the rest of the team for all that you do!


I joined Marcus' coaching program as a BDR in my first sales role. I struggled a lot and couldn't keep up with the demand or find purpose in my position. I wasn't too confident about joining but new I needed to find a reputable coach ASAP. After joining, Marcus played a huge role in my sales journey - from answering questions around strategy to doing live mock calls so we could break down each statement live! I see him as more of a life coach as he's huge on helping sales reps strengthen both their sales skills but also their personal life, which is probably what I like the best! He's even helped me in interviews resulting in a higher salary. 1 year later I'm now an Account Executive who can confidently execute sales strategies, who's pivoting into a new role thanks to gaining sales exposure. If I hadn't joined I would have probably given up on sales altogether and completely lost sight of how to form my future. The other biggest perk is being able to meet with him weekly so it truly feels like continued support unlike many other programs out there that I forget about. Thanks for everything Marcus!

              Mike Kelley

Using Marcus' program and frameworks, I was able to quit my high paying job, move back to my dream city of San Diego AND find another high paying job within two weeks! Thank you to Marcus and the team for being relentless about my success.

              Giorgio Courtis

                  BDR Manager at Allure Security

I joined Marcus’s training because I was struggling to book appointments at my new company. More specifically, I booked 0 appointments in my first 2 months. I was questioning whether sales was for me or not, having struggled so much at my new company. I decided to go all in, my goal going into the program was to book 8 meetings a month moving forward, and to be honest- I didn’t see myself achieving even that. 1 week after joining Marcus’s program and implementing the objection handling and prospecting methods, I booked 9 meetings. The month following I booked 24 appointments total. The confidence I have going from 0 meetings booked in 2 months, to 24 meetings in 1 month, is my favorite part about what I got out of this training from Marcus. Not only that, Marcus has been really great and given me way more attention and help than I’ve ever received from a mentor. If you’re thinking about this program, do yourself a favor and make the investment into yourself.

              Sudha Ganesan

                  Sudha Ganesan

My name is Sudha and I recently moved from Business Development into Account Management. I could immediately see the results after going through Marcus’s program. I learnt to get better at discovery and putting the customer first. The proudest moment for me would be both exceeding my quota and getting promoted! 😊 My investment in Marcus’s program was totally worth it. I wouldn’t have improved and gotten better at my craft had I not joined Marcus’s program.

              Patrick Brannan

                  Inside Sales- Sonetics Corp.

Since starting with Marcus’ program, I have gained more confidence in what I’m doing, and made a huge transformation for my career. The ability to truly offer value, bring insight and build trust were things I struggled with before studying with Marcus. My proudest outcome is seeing at how far I’ve come, and comparing myself to who and how I used to operate. Huge changes from what I didn’t know. Best part of program is the weekly meetings and constant professional development that is available with other members. Had I not joined, I probably would be more frustrated and perhaps may have changed professions altogether. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to increase their salary and be more satisfied with their career- simply invest. Don’t be cheap.

              Kyle Morini

                  Account Executive at Immediate

My name is Kyle and I’m an Account Executive. The program has helped me the most with my cold call prep and making my calendar way more efficient. My proudest outcome is that my booked meetings have increased 20% weekly on a consistent basis. If I had not joined the program I would not be an efficient cold caller and my pipeline would be dry each quarter. Highly recommend joining!!! 20/10

              Taylor Forbush

                  Account Executive at Plena

Marcus and the team are incredible! I jumped in the program because I wanted very personalized coaching that would help me take my sales game to the next level. I was tired of reading blogs and watching videos that weren't tailored to my specific situation. The personal coaching from Marcus has been phenomenal...one of the things I love most is how insanely prompt he is to reply to my messages asking for help. I have only been in the program for about a month and I've already seen an uptick in the number of meetings I've been setting with prospects. Thanks Marcus for all you do and your genuine interest in helping me succeed!

              Christian Lui

                  BDR @ Zendesk

The biggest benefit for me of this program is that I now have a clear playbook on how I should approach and structure the entire sales process that cuts out all the noise from other sales trainings. Marcus has been incredibly helpful and really cares about each person making sure they are successful as long as they execute. The community is also awesome as peope are always willing to help and want to see other people succeed. I've gained a lot more confidence and clarity on how to structure my discovery calls, demos, and negotiation. Honestly, I would still be scratching my head and spending hours doing the things that average/below average reps do with no clear direction if I never joined.

              Dmitry Litvinov

                  CEO - Brite

Dmitry, CEO of Brite I've had my head of sales get help from Marcus on ramping up our sales team. Besides abundance of amazing tools and methodologies of sales, we've been enjoying having a more predictable revenue in the past 5 months. Best part about this program is that it's not cohort-based, but rather a lifetime membership, where you get same level of awesome support even after the program is over.

              Tysir Nixon

                  Business Development Associate @                          Array Behavioral Care

Marcus had been a great teacher and provides practical strategies in sales. I’m already seeing improvements for myself professionally and being more confident. Within a few months i have been offered a raise within my BDR role and have gotten multiple interviews with other companies. Would recommend for anyone in sales to join his program!

              Bradlee Avery

Marcus cares! Investing in yourself is worth it with Marcus. He's committed to helping you change your financial future for you and your loved ones!

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