Testimonials and Case Studies

"Does this really work?" and "Will this work for me specifically?" are two questions that are probably going through your mind. The goal of this page is to help you answer that.

How Chris Nearly 4X'ed His Income

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income nearly 4X'ed

✅ New home

✅ New car

✅ Donated large sums to charity


How Josh Sold More Than $800,000 in <5 Months

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 2X'ed

✅ New home

✅ Promoted to VP


How Tanya 3X'ed Her Income in <6 Months

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 3X'ed

✅ New home in a dream school district

✅ More time with her family

✅ #1 at her company


How Mike 2X'ed His Income

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 2X'ed

✅ Achieved President's Club and finished #2 out of 100 reps

✅ Greater results with less effort

✅ Mentor and leader to other reps


How Reed 2X'ed His Income

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 2X'ed

✅ Achieved President's Club and finished in the top 1% out of 600+ reps

✅ Closer massively larger deals

✅ Promoted to a Sales Leader

✅ Greater results and working less


How Preston Closed $2.9M in <90 Days

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ $290,000+ in Commissions in <90 Days

✅ Start up company now has one of the top 100 fastest growing apps on the Apple Store

✅ Promoted to hiring and running a national sales team



How Avi Earned a 300% ROI in <6 Months

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 2X'ed

✅  #1 on his team 

✅ Able to start a side hustle using his newly developed skills



How Christian Closed $700,000+

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income 2X'ed

✅ Moved into his dream Penthouse

✅ Closed over $700,000



How Samantha Closed 10 Enterprise Deals in 5 Months

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Closed 10 Enterprise Deals

✅ Greater results with less effort

✅ Company-wide recognition



How Chris Earned a 1000% ROI

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ 5-Figure Earning Months

✅ #1 on his team

✅ In process of buying a home in Seattle



How Aisha Closed $1M in 3 Months

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Closed over $1M in 3 months

✅ Promoted in 3 months




How Patrick Increased His Income 20%

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ Income increased 20% (heavy base-focused comp)

✅ Greater results with less effort

✅ Mentoring reps on his team



How Brad Increased His Results 70%

✅ Bulletproof Confidence

✅ 70%+ increase in results

✅ Taking on more responsibilities and leadership at work

✅ Boosted motivation and drive



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