How Zaim Hit His Monthly Quota in a WEEK

student success

Don't be fooled...


Success takes work.


Zaim is a perfect example:


We started working with him as he wanted to ensure he'd crush it.


He'd showed up daily even if he didn't feel like it.


Even though it was uncomfortable...


He'd share call recordings and ask for feedback.


He'd do his best to execute.


And then asked for more feedback.


Rinse and repeat.


With the tight feedback loop, it was no surprise his results took off.


That's why I'm not surprised..


💯 Why he's hitting his MONTHLY quota in a WEEK.


💯 Why his VP is giving him major KUDOS.


💯 Why candidates are aspiring to be like him.


💯 Why Zaim's confidence is skyrocketing.


When you have clear direction and support coupled with consistent daily action, success is inevitable.


Congrats to Zaim for being such a rockstar 🤩

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