Our Upsets Can Turn Into Assets


At 4, I could barely talk.

At 5, it became apparent I had a speech impediment.

At 6, I started speech therapy.

I went to speech therapy for years.

Teachers looked at me pitifully..and kids made fun of me.

Told me I was a "special" kid..

And they didn't mean it in a good way.

I had zero confidence and it frustrated me.

I could visualize the words in my head but was unable to say them.

So I poured myself into books and art.

Reading, writing, and creating.

Hours on end as I could write and create better than I spoke.

Fast forward, to 2022.

I decided to write a book in April.

Launched it last Sunday.

Today it just hit the Wall Street Journal's Best Seller's List.

#6 in the world.

Sometimes our biggest UPSETS..

BECOME our greatest ASSETS.

Thank you to all those that have supported me in this journey of growth 🙏🏼

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