How Travis Shot to #1 and 200%+ Every Single Month

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Travis had started in sales over a year ago and had been doing well.

However, he knew he was not tapping into his true potential.

He knew in order to be the BEST, he’d need to get help.

We started working with him and he immediately started to run more effective meetings.

Within his second month, he had closed so much business that he had already earned back his initial investment.

As he continued to execute, he has consistently finished 200%+ to target every single month.

By June, he had already hit his annual quota with 7 months to go and finished #1 in the org.

Travis is now pacing to finish at 200%+ and is also helping his sales team crush it as well as he’s taken on more leadership responsibilities.

Although all those things are cool…the best part for him is that his stress and anxiety is gone as now he’s truly ENJOYING being in sales!

Congrats to Travis for his success!

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