How to Be a Good Salesperson | The Top 12 Characteristics

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What are the top characteristics of the top 1% of salespeople?


If you said, “be salesy AF,” you are absolutely right!!


….Just kidding – those are the worst humans ever 🤣


As a guy who sucked at sales when I started and absolutely struggled, I realized early on that I was missing a lot of the key characteristics of those winning in sales..


And those who had it seemed to GENUINELY love what they do!


Over time as I figured it out, I observed that the top 1% of all salespeople all had very similar characteristics.


It wasn’t anything magical.


And most were NOT born with them – they developed these.


In fact, ordinary average people like me who learned how to develop these characteristics were then also able to consistently dominate sales in their industry.


I put together a sweet video covering the 12 and how you can develop them too.


(These will surprise you as it’s not the usual “work hard, persevere, etc.”)


It’s a way of thinking and life philosophy that has helped the top 1% sell a disgustingly hilarious amount of business.


Check it out below!



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