The 3 Keys to Team Sales Success

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I've done a lot over a dozen team turnarounds.

I've made all the mistakes.. 🤣

Here are 3 keys that I've found that create SUSTAINABLE results:

1️⃣ The Leader

Do they CARE?

Do they lead by example?

Are they a COACH or just a MANAGER?

Can they recruit, hire, train, and SUSTAIN?

A sh💩tty MANAGER can destroy a high performing team..

And an elite LEADER can maximize the potential in every situation

2️⃣ The Processes

Depending on the stage of the org, different processes may need to be built, sustained, or improved.

Processes help lead to scale.

This is in everything:



Sales training

Sales rep routines

Pipeline management

Customer onboarding

Ongoing performance management

Long term career and skill development

Etc, etc, etc.

Process leads to predictability.

3️⃣ The People

The WHO on your team determine how far you can go.

The right players will ADD to your culture and make it better.

The wrong players will destroy your culture day-by-day.

Knowing how to attract, recruit, and RETAIN A+ talent is a MUST.

Top leaders create their own hiring pipeline and do NOT wait for HR.

If a team is consistently underperforming..

Chances are real good they are missing one or more of the above.

And if they're crushing it consistently?

Pretty much a guarantee they've nailed the above 3.

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