How to Earn More Than Surgeons

sales tips

Do you know why great doctors make high 6-figures to multiple 7-figures plus?


Simple: they are masters at solving problems.


And the way they solve problems?


They become masters at diagnosing the root issues.


Then they solve the RIGHT problem.


As a result, they make bank.


It’s the same with top sales professionals.


Masters of diagnosis and then they solve the right problem.


However, the first step is not external with their prospects..




It’s examining their own sales process from prospect through close..


And then diagnosing what specific areas to improve first.


This can be from cold call conversion ratios through demo to proposal ratios.


Once the uncover the root problem, then they can work to improve it.


The better they are at diagnosing and fixing their own process, the more problems they can solve with surgical precision for their prospects.


So if you want to earn more than a surgeon..


Then you must execute your sales process with surgical precision.

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