What I Learned Selling Speedos

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My first sales job was selling Speedos while in college.

During the week I worked the retail store for 10-20 hours.

And on Sat-Sun, I worked the swim meets for 28-30 hours..

I remember after my first few swim meets, the owner called me.

She wanted to know what I was doing as I was 2X'ing their sales.

She looked at when I worked the store: same result.

Anytime I worked, I would double the sales of anyone else there.

She wanted to know EXACTLY what I was doing.

I confessed:

I had no idea.

I was simply showing up and doing my job.

She didn't buy it and told my manager to shadow me.

My manager watched me like a hawk for the next few shifts.

I nervously did my job trying to not botch anything up.

After 3 days, my manager said, "I see exactly what you're doing!"

I felt like a kid with my hand caught in the cookie jar.

"Uh..what am I doing?" - I stammered nervously.

She explained:

Every other rep would sit at the counter and wait.

The customer would browse around and shop.

Then the rep would ring them up.

Very normal.

She said my approach was different.

Once a customer came in..

I immediately hopped up and greeted them.

I'd ask them what they came in for.

Then I would genuinely ask them about their needs.

I'd uncover needs they didn't even realize they had.

Then I would make recommendations to solve their needs.

Which naturally led to larger orders, packages, and upsells.

Then they'd leave happily with their purchases.

The average rep was an order-taker.

I was solving problems.

And customers happily paid more to get problems solved.

Problem Solvers > Order Takers P.S. Before you ask, yes - I used to be a competitive swimmer so that’s how I got into selling Speedos 🤣

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