Why Side Hustles Are a Bad Idea For Most

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Here's why:

1️⃣ If you're NOT doing well at your job currently, you are ALREADY at risk of being a part of layoffs.

By trying to do a side hustle, you are now dividing your energy and attention..which can lead to you now doing both mediocrely.

This now INCREASES your chances of being a part of layoffs.

2️⃣ Most side hustles only earn $200-$1000/month.

(Based on data from Side Hustle Nation)

For most, that's not going to cover even rent..

Even though it might reduce some stress, it's a short term "gain" at best.

In my opinion, the best long term strategy is to SKILL-STACK.

Meaning the way to decrease your risk of getting laid off is to become MORE VALUABLE to the marketplace.

It starts with EXCELLING at your current job CONSISTENTLY and once you're doing that..

THEN you add on a side hustle that adds ADDITIONAL HIGH VALUE SKILLS to your skill stack.

It doesn't mean you can't get laid off but if you're bringing massive value to the organization you're at, you have less risk.

(The first to go are usually the people who bring the least value based on what leadership thinks..)

And even if they cut EVERYONE including you, guess who will be able to find a better opportunity faster?

Yup - you guessed it: the person who has the most valuable skill stack.

Here's an example:

I didn't start a side hustle until almost 10 years in my corporate sales and leadership career.

I focused on excelling first: improving my skills, printing cash, winning President's Clubs, helping my reps crush it, etc.

Only AFTER that, did I start a side hustle.

I started learning valuable skills such as how to market, improve my copy, teach online, build funnels, etc.


These skills actually made me even better at my then current role as now I was stacking skills on top of each other.

This helped make me more valuable to the company as I continued to achieve more and more.

Then it got to a point, in which I went all in my side hustle as there was where my passion truly lays.

THEN I leveraged all my past skills with my new skills and I scaled this currently business up to close to 400 clients in over 2 years.

This is the power of skill stacking.

It reduces your risk and leads to exponential gains vs. trying to do two things mediocrely at best.

So if you are worried about potential layoffs, my challenge to you is to think long term.

Don't chase short term side hustles for some cash.

Chase mastery and skill stacking for the future.

Focus on mastery of each skill and then stacking new skills on top.

Not easy to do but I promise that it will pay you long term dividends like it has for me.

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