7 Simple Tips to Fill Your Funnel [Recession sales strategies]

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A great mentor once told me:

"An hour of prospecting a day, keeps the Commission Breath away" 🤣

I remember that really sunk in especially early on when I had a thin pipeline..

Every "no" made me more desperate as I felt like I didn't have anything to replace that opportunity with.

My prospects could feel it, and I felt it..it felt gross.

The sad thing is that it becomes a bad cycle:

Starts with low confidence..
Low confidence leads to little prospecting..
Little prospecting leads to a light pipeline..
A light pipeline leads to commission breath b/c of scarcity..
Commission breath leads lost deals...
Lost deals leads to to low confidence..

And the cycle repeats.

But here's the cool part once you know this:

When you become a master at prospecting, you NEVER worry about pipeline or money.

When you don't worry about that, then you can actually live abundantly and truly serve your prospects.

I just recorded a video sharing 7 simple tips you can apply today to fill your funnel.

I share some simple frameworks and scripts that you can use today to book more meetings.

I want you to live abundantly.

Check them out here and enjoy.

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