Selling in Tough Times [10 simple tips]

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"We have no budget" 😭

"We're on a spending freeze" 😭

"Everything is on hold for 3-6 months" 😭

I'm sure you've heard variations of the same thing that lead to one outcome:


Meaning, nothing changes and your deal(s) stall.

This is what happens in every tough economic period as uncertainty is high and risk tolerance is low.

This is where salespeople who are just glorified "order-takers" won't survive.

The weak get separated from the strong.

The ones that actually survive and thrive?

They are the salespeople who truly know how to sell.

Even though all you read are negative headlines in the news about the looming Recession, billions of dollars are being sold every single day by salespeople all around the world.

If you want to capture some of those dollars like my student, Julian, who closed $774,000 last week, you need a clear strategy.

I just put together a very short video on 10 simple tips to sell in a tough economy.

Do these things this week and you'll close more while improving your sales game.

Check it out here!

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