Getting Through the Gatekeeper Part 2 [Seeker Framework]

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"How do I cold call someone if I don't have any info?"

Yup - I get it.

It's hard to trust the data in most CRM's as some companies are unwilling to buy more accurate data...

Or frankly, if the last rep in the territory never ever updated it 🙈

This happened to me early on.

Definitely not fun calling on prospects with bad or zero data.

Then I came up with a simple 2-step strategy.

Step 1: I used a simple framework, I called the "Seeker Script." This framework helped me get a TON of relevant data - more than I could gather online on their sites, social profiles, etc.

Step 2: Then I called back 1-2 days later using my "Pitbull Script" to book the meeting.

It worked super well and filled my calendar with tons of new fresh qualified discovery calls each week.

So if you're struggling with bad data or no data, I put together a short video to help.

You'll see my exact verbiage, tonality, pauses, etc.

Check it out here.

Check it out here.

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