How to Improve Your Sales Process and Close More [downloadable scorecard]

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Most salespeople are pretty optimistic.

That can be a good thing...

And a bad thing.

On the positive front, it's always good to have a good frame of mind.

On the negative, you might get "happy ears" and get stuck in "Maybe Land"...

Meaning, you have all these deals that are NOT a "YES!!"

Not a "NO!!"

They are a "MAYBE."


In a nutshell, if you're not closing at the level you want, it's time to take a step back to look at it objectively.

I put together a simple free scorecard to help with that.

You can use it to rate your last 5 discovery calls, demos, etc.

I even created one for cold calls too.

The goal is being able to look at your sales process and see the exact areas to improve for the future.

I put together a short training and a download for free below.

Check it out and enjoy.

P.S. Make a copy of the template here:

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