How Samantha Closed 10 Enterprise Deals in 5 Months

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Samantha had spent 10 years selling super successfully in the consulting space.

She had seen the allure of selling software and wanted to make a leap into that space but she was worried about being able to repeat her success in a completely new industry.

She had gone through a ton of our free training and knew it would help her so she decide to commit to herself and join our program.

Samantha started diving deep into the course content and that helped her immediately from a mindset and routine perspective.

As she encountered obstacles and situations, she would immediately ask for coaching help, in which we helped guide her on the right track.

As she worked to build her pipeline, her confidence grew as well.

Within 5 months, she closed 10 Enterprise opportunities!

Yes - 10 Fortune 500 opportunities from complete cold to closed in under 5 months!

Samantha has blown all expectations out of water and her company CEO has been so impressed as he continues to recognize her for her results.

Congratulations to Samantha for her success and we are excited to see her to continue to grow! #sellmoresellbetter #saleslife #sales

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