Why "Years of Experience" is a Fallacy

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I used to think years of experience mattered.

That was until I made a bad hire based on this:

The hire had 10 years of B2B sales experience...

He interviewed incredibly well.

Came off polished, smooth, confident, and articulate.

Then I brought him onboard.

Within the first week I started seeing pink flags.

By month end, they were red flags.

His skill level did not match someone that had 10 year's experience.

They matched someone that had 1 year's experience at best.

That's when I realized I had made a big mistake.

I only saw "10 years of experience."

The reality was that he had 1 year experience repeated 10 times.

That he never had true consistent and relevant sales success.

As I reflected back, there were many red flags that I ignored in the interview process..

🚩 Lack of specifics on how he achieved the results
🚩 Every job change, he blamed the company
🚩 Unable to provide proof of a track record
🚩 Past roles didn't have transferrable skills
🚩 General examples without specifics


Ultimately, I owned it and it was my fault.

I had assumed the 10 years of experience would make him great.

But that's like assuming a parent of a 10-yr old is a great parent because they have "10 years of experience" 🙈

The reality is consistent relevant results > years of experience.

Don't make the same mistake I did 🤣

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