How to Close a Sale: 8 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy - P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L.

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Are you familiar with the "10/10/80 rule" for sales?

It's super simple:

10% will ALWAYS buy even if you suck at sales 🤣

(This is why even the worst reps usually have at least a 10% closing ratio)

10% will NEVER buy even if you're incredible at sales🙈

(This is why NOBODY closes at 100% every single year)

80% will be in between and can be swayed depending on how good you are.

(This why you can have two reps on the same team in similar situations: one can be making $100K and the other is making $500K. The only difference is HOW they spend their time and how they execute.)

However, in order to influence a larger percentage of the 80% to buy, it's absolutely vital to understand the REASONS they DON'T.

Once you know the 8 reasons why, then you can proactively and systematically ELIMINATE them BEFORE the close.

Check out my newest training video here on exactly what they are.

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