How Quitting Can Help You Win in Life


"Winners never quit."


I disagree.


Here’s what I mean:


When I started in sales, I struggled.


I was the worst.


I almost quit my job.


But then I realized I was quitting the WRONG things.


I realized in order to achieve more, I had to BECOME MORE.


It meant quitting..the RIGHT things.


So I quit..


Giving excuses.

Blaming others.

Having small goals.

Having a scarcity mindset.

Blaming prospects for not buying.

Blaming a lack of sales enablement.

Blaming my boss for not training me.

Blaming the economy, market place, etc.

Ultimately, I had to quit being the old version of me.


And I needed to commit to BEST version of me.


It meant committing to:

Zero excuses.

100% ownership.

Setting bigger goals.

Investing in my own growth.

Taking massive consistent action.


Once I learned to QUIT and COMMIT to the RIGHT things, my results skyrocketed. 🚀


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