Money Lessons in Sales

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Average Rep: I’m paycheck to paycheck.

Me: How much do you earn a year?

Rep: About $85-90K/year but..between my apartment, car payment, and’s tight...

Me: How much is your rent and car payment?

Rep: rent is $3000..but I really want to live downtown.

Me: and the car?

Rep: $650/month but I’ve always wanted a nice car..

Me: So between your rent and car payment, you’re spending over $40,000/year?

Rep: yeah..

Me: So you're struggling at work, living paycheck-to-paycheck, BUT at least you have a nice apartment and car, right?

Rep: Well, it’s a really cool place and I love my Benz..

Me: Would you rather BE SUCCESSFUL or just LOOK successful?

Rep: 😬

3 Money Lessons Here:

  1. Don't go broke trying to look successful.

  2. Invest in mastering high leverage skills that can make you a hilarious amount of money: sales, negotiating, public speaking, copywriting, etc.

  3. Then invest that money into vehicles that MULTIPLY your money: stocks, crypto, real estate, etc.

Do this and you'll actually BE successful and not just look like it.

Do you agree?

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