How Mike Went From Earning $135K+/Year to $200K+

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Mike has always been a solid sales professional.

With over a decade of B2B sales experience, he has been successful.

He had always been one of sales pro's that just outworks everyone and as a result, he had decent success.

However, he was feeling the burnout.

Mike just thought it was normal to feel that way and that's just "the life in sales" of "playing the numbers game."

Mike then decided to invest in himself to see if he could improve his results.

Mike was blown away after joining our program.

He started to learn how the slight nuances and core strategies that led to a more optimized sales process.

Within a couple days, he started booking more appointments.

Within one week, he closed a deal earning him a five-figure commission using exactly what we taught him to shorten his sales cycle.

In just a few short weeks, he was booking more appointments than ever and tripling the number of deals closed.

He continued to execute started rising up the ranks.

His immediately manager, director, and VP were SHOCKED as his rapid progression and even pulled him aside to ask him his "secrets!"

Mike ended up finishing the year making over $200,000+!

Almost DOUBLE his best year and he finished in the the top 3% at his $1B company.

He worked less hours and got BETTER results.

Congrats to Mike for his incredible success!

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