I Married Up


I cold approached my future wife in a school buffet line at 19.

She immediately rejected me 🤣

I didn't give up..

30 minutes later I went back and got her number.

Over the next 3 years, I tried calling and texting her.

(Obviously spread over time-I'm no creeper🤪)

She NEVER responded.

Finally the beginning of our senior year..

She responded!

We actually became very good friends at first..

And then started dating after a few months.

We've now been married over a decade..

And have built a nice life together 🙏🏽

When I looked back at all the times she rejected me before..

I'm GLAD she did.


The truth was that I was very different at 19 than at 21.

3 years of growing and learning.

3 years of making mistakes.

3 years of working to be a better version of myself.

3 years was 14% of my life at the time.

At 19, I wasn't ready for someone like her.

At 22, I was.

I learned a powerful life lesson that still rings true today:

If you want to attract better people and things into your life..

Start working on becoming the best version of you..

As you ATTRACT what you ARE.

Do you agree?

P.S. She still makes me better everyday. And yes, I married up.

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