How Mark Finished 200% to Target

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Most salespeople don't have a skills problem.

They have an ego problem.

When you have an ego:

❌ You're resistant to take a hard look in the mirror
❌ You're resistant to reviewing your own calls
❌ You're resistant to asking for help
❌ You're resistant to taking action

When you're humble:

✅ You take 100% ownership and look right in the mirror
✅ You review your own calls and own the flaws
✅ You actively seek and invest in help
✅ You take massive action

Mark is a perfect example.

He took 100% ownership and wanted help.

We started working with him.

Diving deep into deals into his pipeline.

And created strategies to execute next to progress them forward.

This is why it's no surprise he finished 200% to target in <2 months with some nice juicy opportunities.

Be humble.

Be like Mark. 💪🏽

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