How to Close the Deal: Live Call Objection Handling Roleplay [24 min training]

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Learn how to obliterate any closing objection without feeling slimy, sleazy, or like you're selling your soul.


In this recorded training I cover:

The New Way of Handling ALL Objections That Leads to Shorter Sales Cycles and More Closed Deals (Hint: Your prospects will be THANKING you when you do it this way)

8 Power Principles to Close More Today (The Top 1% of Sales Pros Are Doing These EXACT Things to Get Predictable Results Every Single Month, Quarter, and Year)

The One Simple Framework That Has Resulted in My Clients Doubling Their Results Within 30 Days While Doing LESS

And I've even included a LIVE CALL breakdown of me handling the objections of discounts, decision-making power, and stalls with one of students! (This will surprise you)


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