How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn - UPDATED [47:56 training]

sales training

I feel fortunate:

We do between $30K-$100K+/month off LinkedIn ALONE for my lil coaching biz.

(Not including my other top of the funnel lead sources)

And I spend at MAX 60 minutes/day on here.

The key is to have a system.

As a system allows you to scale.

I just did an UPDATED training on my exact system.

A bad ass training 47:56 training that most "LinkedIn trainers" would charge $8K for.

I'll give it to you 100% free and ungated.

Here's a little bit of what's covered:

🚀 Exactly how to optimize your profile to convert cold prospects

🚀 My EXACT content strategy and how I structure it to print cash

🚀 The exact tools I use for managing content and for data analytics

🚀 How I use analytics to make improve my content to create hungry buyers

And so much more.

Check it out here and enjoy 💪🏼

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