The Law of Entropy and Sales

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I was wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️

I used to think that if we simply kept doing what we normally do, we'd hit a plateau.

We'd become stagnant.

And just even out as average.

Then I learned about the "Law of Entropy"..

And realized I was sooo wrong.

Without getting too nerdy on you, essentially it means this:

Things left on its own accord will eventually dissolve into chaos or nothingness.

We see this everywhere:

  • A garden left unmaintained will overrun with weeds.
  • Your car if left uncared for will fall apart and rust.
  • Your nutrition if not watched, will lead to obesity.
  • A 2nd language not practiced, will be forgotten.
  • Your muscles if not worked, will lead to atrophy.
  • A campfire left unattended will smolder out.
  • Your teeth if not brushed, will lead to rot.

And so on.

Ultimately, when we are NOT intentional about growing..

We decline.

Think about world class athletes like the late great Kobe Bryant:

He continued to practice more than a majority of the players out there even though he had been deemed as one of the GOATs. (Greatest of All Time)

I've seen the Law of Entropy impact a lot of salespeople:

They reach a certain level and..

Then stop working to improve their game...

It's usually not intentional but they just stop focusing on it once they get comfortable.

It's not realizing that sales is a journey of growth and not a destination.

The truth is to become truly elite and to STAY ELITE, you must be intentional about growth.

You must fight the Law of Entropy or else your skills will decline.

If you're not consciously choosing to grow, you're UNCONSCIOUSLY choosing to atrophy.

Do you agree?

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