How to Uncover Pain in a Discovery

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Most reps don’t ask enough questions to uncover pain in the disco.

They ask questions like:

"Do you have X problem?"

What they don’t realize is that the problem can either be ACTIVE or LATENT

If a problem is ACTIVE, that means the prospect knows it exists.

If it is LATENT, that means the prospect does NOT know it exists.

Thus, if you ask, "Do you have X problem?"

They'll tell you NO.

Instead, you must ask questions around the symptoms or situation.

My dentist is a good example:

I went in for a check up recently.

She was checking on my teeth and started asking me questions:

"When you drink ice cold water, how does it feel?"-Dr.

"It actually hurts my teeth - Me

"How about when you eat something sour, like sour patch kids?"-Dr.

"Same" - Me

"How long has this been going on?" - Dr.

"Uh..actually years.." - Me

"What do you think has been causing it?" - Dr.

"I'm..uh, not sure.." - Me

"What kind of toothbrush do you use?" - Dr.

"Oral-B or whatever they have at Target.." - Me

"So manual..?" - Dr.

"Yup.." - Me

"Got it. So the teeth sensitivity is due to your gums receding. It's probably due to brushing too hard with a manual toothbrush. We have a few different options to fix this. Shall we discuss?"-Dr.

I ended up switching to an electric toothbrush and getting gum work done to prevent it getting worse.

It went from me having no idea I had an my dentist guiding me to come to my own conclusion there was a problem.

A problem that I was willing to pay for as I knew the cost of inaction would be high. (Can't grow gums back)

A LATENT need converted to ACTIVE based on the right questions.

If you want to close more, work on converting more LATENT needs to ACTIVE.

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