How Josh Went From 230%+ to Target

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Josh has been in sales for a short time but he was struggling.

He had invested into another coach but he went 6 months with no closed deals.

He was feeling like an imposter and struggling as he was not sure sales was for him as he needed help with a systematic process for everything from prospecting through close.

He decided to start working with us.

Within ONE WEEK, we helped him close three deals, helping him over earn back his initial investment insanely fast!

We continued to help him with deal progression and also with filling his funnel up.

Josh continued to execute and within 5 months, he closed over $800,000+ and exceeded his quota, something he had was thought was impossible!

Josh has continued his success and most recently bought a dream home for his large family.

As he's compounded his skills, so have his results.

In the following year, he his his quota by 7 months.

11 months in?

He's already 230%+ ahead of target.

If you’d like results like Josh, book a time with my team here to discuss👇🏽

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