How Top Salespeople Spend Their Time [Do these to earn $1M+/year]

Do you know the biggest difference between a $100K/year earner vs. a $1M/year earner?

HOW they spend their time.

The reality is that we all have the same 24 hours/day.

We can't create more time..

We can only focus our energy and efforts in what we do.

Regardless of the industry, I find the top 1% earners simply focus a majority of their week on IPA's:

Income Producing Activities

These are specific activities that will drive more income either now or in the future.

They ultimately drive up the Value Per Hour being created.

For instance:

A $100K/year earner is executing on $48/hour tasks.

A $1M+/year earner is executing on $500+/hour tasks.

(And the value is determined by the market based on what they are willing to pay)

The key is identifying what those IPA's are so you can do MORE of them and less of the low value tasks.

I break down the simple 4 IPA's that I use in this week's video.

I also share exactly how I audited my time.

I'll show you how you can do the same thing as well to increase your Value Per Hour and max out your earnings out while working less.


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