The Single Best Way to Start a Conversation with Any Prospect

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Did you know that humans make judgements about others within 7 seconds?

Some studies even show it takes 1/10 of a second.

Regardless if it's 1/10 of a second or 7 seconds...

That means your prospects are sizing you up quickly the first time you meet whether it's Zoom or in person.

If you are intentionally, you can use it to set the tone for the call.

If you are can unconsciously create sales resistance without even realizing it.

I came from a world of 100% new logos.

Completely cold prospects so the sales process was unforgiving.

I've tested all types of ways to start conversations..

And I've found one simple process that works even with the toughest prospects.

When it's nailed, it builds respect immediately and positions you as a Trusted Advisor.

And if they are a super open and friendly prospect?

It crushes even more.

Check out this short video I put together that you can apply today.

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