12 Tips to Becoming INDISPENSABLE in Sales [How to make an insane impact]

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Layoffs are running rampant across tech and other industries:

Microsoft - 10,000+

Google - 12,000+

Salesforce - 8000+

Dell - 6500+

And tons more.

Some of you reading this have been personally impacted..

Or you have friends or family that have.

It's leading to many of you asking:

"How do I become INDISPENSABLE?"

Or if you've started a new role recently, "How do I make an immediate IMPACT?"

I was blessed with the gift of starting my sales career RIGHT before the Recession.

I survived multiple layoffs even as U.S. Unemployment hit 10%+.

I was fortunate to even get promoted multiple times through this.

As a result, I've learned a few things that have helped.

I just put together a short video covering 12 tips to help you become virtually indispensable!

Check it out here.

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