How to Make $250K-$500K+ in Tech Sales

I asked ChatGPT, " What 10 jobs can make you $250,000/year" and it said:

Senior Corporate Executive
Petroleum Engineer
Software Development Manager
Enterprise Sales Professional
Real Estate Broker

What's interesting was the disclaimer at the bottom of the list:

"Remember, reaching such high income levels usually involves a combination of education, experience, and often, a significant time investment in building a career."

I've found that to be so true across the board especially with sales.

But one of the biggest differences with sales is that based on your skills acquired...

It can be one of the HIGHEST paying jobs in the world...

Or one of the LOWEST paying jobs in the world.

And the speed you can achieve this is 100% dependent on you and your ability to earn yourself into a high earning opportunity.

For most of the jobs list, it requires taking on significant debt and you may not even hit $250K+ until well beyond 30..

While in sales, if you have the skills and execution combined with the right opportunity?

You can be doing $250K+ in your early 20's.

Literally as much or more than surgeons WITHOUT taking on debt and regardless of your background.

It's why I love sales so much.

Chris Bussing, a tech AE, invited me on his podcast recently and we discussed how you can make $250K-$500K+ in tech sales.

We dove into exact strategies and how you can make your maximize your career to launch into entrepreneurship (if you choose to.)

​Make more than surgeons by checking out the interview here.


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