Discovery Calls That Sell: 8 Simple Tips to Create Urgency Quickly on Discovery Calls

"Going to put pause on this until next year"🤬

I almost threw my laptop on the ground in anger.

The fluorescent lights in the office felt like they were blinding me as my hands curled into fists as if to prevent me from actually grabbing my laptop and tossing it.

My stomach turned circles and I re-read the email hoping I had read it wrong.

I was livid.

That was the 3rd email I received from deals that I thought were going to close that month.

3 deals literally lost and it wasn't even noon on a Monday.

And this was after a brutal phone block session as well.

I was f*cking pissed.

I wanted to flip my desk over and throw my chair across the room.

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs.

I had already heard December was a rough month for most salespeople.

And I was feeling it for the first time.

After angrily sulking for a few more hours, I started to calm down.

I started going through my deal checklist for each of the deals.

I was trying to process it logically.

I wanted to SEE exactly what I could have done differently in my process.

As I started to review them carefully, it started to become evident.

I was missing key steps in my discovery process.

I had grown overconfident and was skipping small steps in my process.

I had gotten sloppy without realizing it.

And it was leading to deals getting stalled out.

And ultimately lost.

My big issue?

I wasn't CREATING urgency in my process.

At least not enough urgency that drove action.

So I doubled down on this the rest of the month.

Ended up finishing #1 for December and was tapped to take on more responsibility for January.

I don't want you to be a bonehead like I was.

Making those small mistakes that added up to major losses.

So check out this short training this week on 8 Simple Tips to Create Urgency Quickly on Discovery Calls.

I guarantee it'll help you move deals forward.

Check it out here.


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