The ABC’s to Discovery

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Many reps make this mistake on discovery calls:

They talk TOO MUCH.

And they don't ask enough of the right questions.

The key is knowing the "ABC's" to proper discovery calls.

Here's a simple framework for a solid discovery:

A.B.C.D.E.F.G. - It's literally the ABC's 😃

A - Ambitions: What does the prospect DESIRE?

B - Buying Influences: Who's all involved and INFLUENCES the decision? Identify ALL the who's and their ABC's!

C - Challenges: What problems/pains are there?

D - Details: What specific things do they need? (Ex: specs)

E - External Objections: What external things can hold you back from closing? (Ex: competitors, unstable economy)

F - Funds: What funds do they have? NOT budget. Funds means they can ADD to the budget.

G - Goals: What are their overall goals and how does your solution get them there faster or better?

When you spend 90% of the call asking AND listening..

Now you're armed with the intel to progress the deal forward.

So ask the right questions.

Know your ABC's.

And you'll close more.

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