Avoid These 6 Discovery Call Mistakes [easy fixes]

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When times are uncertain, it's harder to sell.

Buyers are more resistant to releasing funds.

Capital is harder to acquire.

Companies run leaner and cut costs wherever they can.

The reality is that you have ZERO control on those things.

The only thing you can control is YOURSELF.

This means running a tighter sales process.

That's precision execution from top of the funnel through close.

Or else you'll lose deals and cost yourself juicy commissions if not more.

When I started in B2B sales in 2007, I realized how unforgiving the sales process was when companies are scared.

Unemployment was running in the double digits and consumer confidence was low.

Businesses were shutting down left and right.

Time were uncertain.

Every mistake I made in my sales process got magnified.

It led to a lot of lost deals.

Fortunately I eventually figured out my most common mistakes and I was able to improve as a result.

Over time, I've refined.

Here's the scary thing:

I STILL see the same mistakes made by salespeople TODAY.

I put together a short training on 6 of the most common Discovery Call mistakes I still see being made.

The good news is that it's fixable.

So watch it here, avoid the mistakes, and take the power back 💪🏼

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