The Cause of All Sales Suffering


I almost got fired at my first sales job.

It was because one big reason.

It was also the cause of all my suffering, limitations, and failure..

The reason?

It was DENIAL.

I was in denial that...

🚫 Sales is harder than I thought..

🚫 Working "hard" was not enough..

🚫 What GOT me here, wouldn't KEEP me here..

🚫 And that I was simply NOT good enough at my job..

Because of my own denial, it blinded me on my shortcomings...

Until my boss threatened me with a PIP 8 weeks later.

That was when I realized that I was in complete denial and had to make a change.

I sought out help and started making massive changes.

Fast forward one month and I fortunately shot to number 1.

And stayed number 1 for 9 months straight earning 2 promotions.

It wasn't that I was anybody special..

I had simply realized two things:

  1. Denying the truth didn't change the facts.

  2. Nothing changes if I don't change.

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