How I Graduated With Zero School Debt


I graduated from college with zero debt or handouts:

(With a double major and I studied abroad in China for 6 months)

Here's some context first:

We grew up poor as my parents immigrated here with nothing.

They wanted me to go to college as they did not..

BUT they could not afford to send me to college.

I wanted to make them proud so I knew I had to find a way...

BUT I didn't want any loans or financial aid.

So here's what I did:

I started applying and going after every possible scholarship.

I was rejected hundreds of times..

Until I received enough scholarship money to cover tuition!

BUT it didn't cover books, fees, and other living expenses..

⛔️ So I starting cutting out expenses:

Bought used clothes and off the discount rack.
Never ate out and just made food at home.
Shopped at discount food stores.


😰 And I started working more jobs:

Selling speedos at swim meets.
Getting paid internships.
Coaching swim teams.
Working at festivals.


Literally 20-40 hours/week during the school year and 80-100 hours/week during the summer.

The point was, I had a clear goal in mind:

Graduate with a double major and debt-free.

I did NOT have the funds nor the resources to make it happen..

BUT I was RESOURCEFUL and committed.

And thus, I took massive freakin' action for 5 years straight.

The truth is, I knew not having money was just an EXCUSE.

That I could not let it hold me back from getting an education.

So if you want something bad enough..

"You gotta ask yourself how bad do you want it?"

"And what are you willing to sacrifice to get there?"

Do you agree?

P.S. Yes, that’s a pic of me working at a Scandinavian festival in a food booth next to a Viking 😂

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