What My Dad Taught Me


My dad was put in a Communist "Re-education" camp during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

He could have just stayed there.

But he made a choice:

A choice to escape with nothing.

Risking torture, imprisonment, or even worse..his life.

He hiked through mountains at night and hid during the day.

It was a 7-day trek and not everyone that escaped made it.

Some got caught and taken back to the camp, and some died.

He made it to Hong Kong with only his clothes on his back.

Injured, exhausted, and emaciated from the escape and camp conditions.

He eventually immigrated to the US and started his life over.

He's been fortunate to build from scratch an incredible life.

My dad inspires me daily still.

Whenever I'm mad due to some "first world problem"..

And I'm wanting to pass blame...

I think of my dad and it gives me perspective.

He chose to NOT believe that his circumstances were his future.

And he made a different DECISION.

A decision that changed the course of his poverty-stricken life.

My dad taught me that the reality is that I ALWAYS have a choice..

EVEN if I did not believe it.

The circumstances may be unbearable..

There may be a ton of real external uncontrollable factors..

It may not easy or clear..

But I have a choice.

And nothing changes..if I don’t change.


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