How Chris Went From Earning <$100K to Nearly 4X’ing His Income in One Year

Do you know what's cooler than making more money?

Creating the life you dream of.

Using money as a tool to create freedom.

Let me share about one of our clients, Chris:

Chris has been in sales for years and he had always done decent but always felt he had never reached his true potential.

He was always told that he simply needed to "work harder, make more calls, and send more emails" to get better results.

Chris was never satisfied with that so he tried to figure out how to improve on his own

He had read books, listened to podcasts, been part of company trainings, and had spent hours on Youtube just learning..

He wanted to take his skills and income to the next level but it always seemed out of reach..

Then things got worse - he ended up getting furloughed and then laid off when the pandemic hit.

His confidence was shot and he knew needed help to put himself in position, in which he had bulletproof confidence that he'd excel and have the security he was looking for.

After he found a job, Chris decided to invest and start working with us.

Within days, he starting immediately booking more qualified meetings! That led to deals actually progressing into his pipeline.

Fast forward 2 weeks and he had prospected and CLOSED 3 of the biggest deals in his career earning him more than a 500% return on his initial investment!

Chris then continued to crush it then earned more than $120,000 in commissions ALONE in 8 months.

Fast forward, he ended up almost quadrupling his income in under a year while finishing in the top 10% out of 200+ reps.

(He even hit #1 in November out of 246 reps - talk about confidence skyrocketing!)

Although he was able to buy a new car and buy a new dream home..

The best part was that he was now able to donate a lot more to charities that helped him when he was younger.

He was able to make a greater impact by simply being the best version of himself and now he has the financial means to do it.

Yes, I do love when our students make more money but I love what they DO with the money!

This is the power of mastering sales as it becomes a vehicle to create the life you want.

Check out what he has to say below and schedule a time below if you're interested in achieving results like Chris!


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