How to Gain Back Time

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Imagine you had a 10 $10 bills in front of you - $100 total.

Imagine now lighting 6-7 on fire - yes, burning $60-70.

That's what the average rep is doing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Literally burning cash- wasting over 2/3's of their day away.

That's what happens when time gets wasted on NON IPA's.

(Non Income Producing Activities)

It's wasting time on things that do not drive revenue.

Here are 7 ways to gain back time and earn more:

  1. Turn off ALL notifications (Slack, email, social media, etc.)

  2. Use "Text Blaze" shortcuts for common copy/paste items

  3. Use "Newsfeed Eradicator" to hide your LinkedIn feed

  4. Turn on "Do Not Disturb" mode on your phone

  5. Delete social media apps

  6. Time block IPA's

  7. Execute daily

So don't burn your cash.

Focus on addition by elimination.

You'll gain back valuable time.

AND you'll end up exponentially earning more focusing on IPA's.

How do you gain back time?👇🏽

P.S. This was inspired by this awesome article here:

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