101 Minutes of training that will explode your sales in 2024

I talk about different sales strategies and tactics often...

But there is one thing I probably don't talk enough about:

It's a principle I call the "M5."

It's arguably far more powerful than any sales strategy or tactic as it's about creating a NEW identity for yourself.

The very specific identity that achieves the results you've never achieved before.

It's a way to "hack" the best version of yourself.

If you know Jim Rohn, he has famously said:

"If you work hard at your job, you'll make a living. When you work hard on yourself, you'll make a fortune."

That's why if you execute on this, it will literally explode your sales and help you create the life of your dreams.

I usually only reserve this for my individual clients who have invested up to $25K to work with me exclusively.

In which, we focus on maximizing the human FIRST and then sales strategies SECOND.

(It's why our clients get such insane results)

When I shared this with my good friend and fellow sales coach, Ian Koniak, he was like:

"Dude, that is so killer - can you come present that to my mastermind???"

So he flew me out to Cali for to his property by Lake Arrowhead.

(The lake is shared by literally other millionaires and billionaires)

I shared the M5 with 40+ hungry AE's who all paid up to $25K each to be there and the feedback was...


I'm still getting messages from them weeks after the presentation on the impact it's having on them.

Interested in seeing it?

You're in luck.

I just got the full file from Ian and his team.

My only ask?

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Check it out the full presentation here.


2X Your Sales
Results in <90 Days

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