Brutally Honest Advice for Broke Salespeople

I talk with salespeople every single week who are struggling.

Some are on PIPs.
Some have been fired.
Some have lost their homes.
Some are paycheck-to-paycheck.
Some have been laid off multiple times in the last few years.

I remember those feelings of unworthiness.

The crippling self doubt and anxiety.

Wondering if sales was even the career for me....

I remember drinking (a lot) to numb the pain.

(Which, I convinced myself that constantly "blacking out" was normal and totally fine...)

But the reality is that when you're in the lowest of the's hard to have perspective.

It's hard to see the light.

​That's why I call this the "Moment of Truth."

The scary part is that if you don't know how to push through...this is where you'll mentally destroy yourself.

But if you know how to push through?

You know that hope, relief, optimism, and success are on the other side.

As I've chatted with these struggling salespeople, it reminded me of all the brutally hard truths that I had to realize to improve my results.

I started with a list of 3..then 5...and then 10.

I decided to make a video to cover them all.

So if you're struggling, definitely check it out.

Or if you're thriving but you know friends who are struggling?

Help them out by sending them this video.

​Check it out here.


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