7 Sales Leadership Mistakes That Cost My Team Millions of Dollars

Have you ever gone from an individual contributor to leading a team?

Or founder to leading a sales team?

It's a hard shift for most.

(It was for me at least 🤣)

I learned very quickly the skills that made me great in sales..

Were NOT the same ones that would make me a great leader.

As I took over my first small sales team of 2 other reps, I realized..

They didn't think like me.

They didn't have my work ethic.

They didn't have my level of drive.

Simply put, they were NOT me.

Thus, I struggled learning how to lead them.

Heck, even after my first few weeks, I considered asking for a demotion and to go back to just selling and worrying about myself.

BUT I decided to not give up and to keep going.

I ended up making a LOT of sales leaderships mistakes that end up costing the company tens of millions of dollars...

BUT I learned a TON and also helped the company generate a few milly as well.

(It was a net positive in the end :D )

What's crazy is that when I speak with sales leaders that have been running teams for years, some are STILL making the same mistakes I made early on.

They just have NO idea that they are simply repeating the same mistakes over and over expecting different results...

So to help, I recorded a short training video on 7 of the biggest sales leadership mistakes I was making.

Once I realized I was making them, I started fixing them.

And yup, my team's results skyrocketed.

You can check out the 7 mistakes here.


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