31 Sales Truths That Will Make You More Money Than Any Business Degree

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"What advice would you give yourself if you started back over in sales?"

I get asked this often.

I always do my best to answer but the truth is, I've made thousands of mistakes and thus it's hard to have just "one" piece of advice 🤣

There are so many misconceptions I had about sales and that definitely impacted my results.

So I started making a list and planned for just 5..

5 became 10..

10 became 15..

And suddenly I had 31 🙈

So I decided to record a short video (less than 5 minutes) to cover these.

These are 31 sales truths that will definitely help you make more money.

Things I definitely didn't learn in business school.

(Needless to say, didn't learn them in grad school either 🤣)

Check out the short video here.

Let's go print you some 💰this week.

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