How I’ve Invested $200,000 in the Last 24 Months [Exact strategy]

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I've invested over $200,000+ into one investment vehicle over the last 24 months.

And have seen close to a 10X return.

There are many investment vehicles out there but NOT all are the same.

Over the years, I've made plenty of mistakes but I've realized the order matters.

Here's what I've found that has worked for me.

(Ordered in highest ROI to lowest)

#1 Yourself - investing in your own skills and knowledge allows you to get lifelong returns well beyond your initial investment.

#2 Businesses - investing in businesses create insane leverage whether it's someone else's or your own with a wild upside.

#3 Market - stocks, index funds, mutual funds, bonds, IRA's, etc.

#4 Real Estate - tons of tax benefits here when done right.

#5 Other Asset Classes - I dump other things in here that I've invested into but the volatility keeps me conservative. Ex: Crypto.

Now, this is not investment advice so do what makes sense for you.

Because of how I've leveraged my earnings over the years, it allowed me to retire at 35 to live the F.I.R.E. life: Financial Independence, Retire Early.

It's why I invested over $200K into asset class #1 over the last 24 months.

Now whether you want to invest $200K or $2, it's entirely up to you.

If you're interested in what I invested and HOW I think about investing..

Check out my new short video I recorded breaking it down.

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