Why Work With Us?

Awesome question - if you weren’t a little bit skeptical, I’d be shocked given how many fake gUrUs are out there who didn’t even sell…

Or they sold and simply were average at best.

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Marcus Chan, and I’ve been recognized by Salesforce and LinkedIn as one of the top sales experts in the world, and I don’t think there is anyone as obsessed as I am with helping salespeople crush it in sales.

When I started in B2B sales I thought I'd be absolutely amazing.

I wasn't.

In fact, I was the worst rep when I started in sales. I struggled to have any sort of success.

I struggled booking appointments and even if I could book an appointment...the sales call was like a train wreck.

I went 7 weeks without closing a single deal while all my peers were having decent success. The worst part was that I was literally outworking them all...with nothing to show for it.

At this point, my boss even threatened to fire me. I was depressed, frustrated, and felt the lowest I had ever felt.

I felt like I was letting my girlfriend down, my parents, HER parents, and myself.

Fortunately, I figured it out and became #1 in 3 months.

I stayed #1 for the following 3 months and then something interesting happened: My boss wanted me to take over an underperforming team of 2 other reps while taking over a new territory.

I now had to deliver my OWN results while training and developing 2 others to do the same.

I figured it’d be easy.

Hint: It wasn’t.

I realized quickly that I needed to figure out a systematic way to train and develop reps while also hitting my own number.

Through trial and error, I eventually figured it out and created a systematic way to develop the right skills, habits, and mindset for my team.

That year, I finished #1 while my two employees finished #2 and #3 behind me. I also earned 2 promotions during this.

Fast forward 13 more years? I feel fortunate as I achieved some cool things as a result:

  • Promoted 10X in 10 years at two Fortune 500 companies
  • Hit and exceeded quota up to 250% for 13 consecutive years
  • ​I consistently ranked in the top percentile in every role for 13 years, earning various awards, including President's Club awards.
  • ​In my last role, I was a Corporate Director leading 110+ employees in one of the top regions in the country
  • Trained thousands of others to achieve massive sales success

Not only was I fortunate to have success, but I was also able to systematically TRANSFER SUCCESS to my teams.

I knew the more successful I could make them...the more successful I would be as a byproduct.

Because of this…by 35 I was put in a position to be able to do whatever the heck I wanted to do. I knew that in my next life, I wanted to give back to the world so I left it all behind.

I also realized to truly SELL is to SERVE at the HIGHEST LEVEL.

I launched Venli Consulting Group at the end of 2019 to help B2B sales professionals to sell more and sell better. More importantly, to SERVE at the highest level!

As you can imagine, even with having some pretty cool success in my corporate life...it was still a scary jump into entrepreneurship especially since the stats are scary..

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately...

- 20% of businesses fail within the first year

- 50% of businesses fail by the end of the 5th year

- 70% of businesses fail by the end of the 10th year

In my first year in business, I felt very fortunate to have built a thriving and growing business. With zero funding, we've grown the business exponentially while maintaining industry-leading profit margins.

More importantly, we've been able to impact thousands of reps around the world with our training resources and we've gone on to have worked with over 500+ clients helping them win at sales teaching them all the secrets I’ve figured out over the years.

Our success has also garnered us some fortunate attention as well..

I've been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, CNBC, LinkedIn, Entrepreneur, 150+ industry-leading podcasts, and I’m an executive member on the Forbes Business Council.

I've been fortunate even in the fact that the Salesforce recognized me as 3X as one of the top sales experts to follow globally.

Oh yeah - I decided to write a book too…

Six-Figure Sales Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Overfilling Your Pipeline, Closing More, and Earning in the Top 1% of Salespeople.

#6 on the Wall Street Journal’s Best Seller’s list and #1 in 9 categories on Amazon

How was I able to achieve this type of success in such a short time?

It's simple: I teach the exact proven framework and methodologies I've learned over my 13 years in selling and leading teams at the highest levels.

I’ve taken all my best secrets and I’ve compiled them into our high-performance coaching programs for individuals and for teams.

If you are a Founder with a sales team or you’re a sales team leader..

And you want your teams to have big fat juicy pipelines, close an insane amount of deals, and have 100% certainty and confidence in their sales skills without working 60+ hours/week and playing the “numbers game”...

So you can earn more while doing less…

This coaching program is for your TEAM and you.

Remember: I didn't come from money. I wasn't a born salesperson. In my heart, I'm still just that awkward and introverted kid born from poor immigrant parents.

In short, I went from nobody to financial freedom by my early 30's because of one simple repeatable sales system. If I can do it, so can your team and you.

To your success,

Marcus Chan

Founder, Venli Consulting Group

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