Marcus Chan, President of Venli Consulting


What an awesome question, if you weren’t at least a little skeptical I would be worried.
Even if you take away our hundreds of satisfied clients, testimonials, case studies, etc. we’re still one of the best bets you have on the market today.

Well, I’ve been exactly where you are now.
When I started in B2B sales I thought I'd be absolutely amazing.
I wasn't.
In fact, I was the worst rep when I started in sales. I struggled to have any sort of success.
I struggled booking appointments and even if I could book an appointment...the sales call was like a train wreck.
I went 6 weeks without closing a single deal while all my peers were having decent success. The worst part was that I was literally outworking them all...with nothing to show for it.
At this point my boss even threatened to fire me. I was depressed, frustrated, and felt the lowest I had ever felt.
I felt like I was letting my girlfriend down, my parents, HER parents, and myself.
Fortunately I figured it out and became #1 in 3 months. I stayed #1 for 9 more months earning two promotions during that time.
Fast forward 13 more years and I stayed in B2B sales. I feel fortunate as I achieved some cool things as a result:
- Promoted 10X in 10 years working for two Fortune 500 companies
- Was in the top percentile every single in every single role for 14 years winning all types of awards such as President Club awards
- In my last role, I was a Corporate Director leading 110+ employees in one of the top regions in the country
- Hired, trained, and developed hundreds of top performing reps
By 35 I was put in a position to be able to do whatever the heck I wanted to do. I knew that in my next life I wanted to give back to the world so I left it all behind. Yup, retired from corporate life.
I also realized to truly SELL is to SERVE at the HIGHEST LEVEL.
I launched Venli Consulting Group in 2019 to help B2B sales professionals to sell more and sell better. More importantly, to SERVE at the highest level!
As you can imagine, even with having some pretty cool success in my corporate was still a scary jump into entrepreneurship especially since the stats are scary..
According to to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately...
- 20% of businesses fail within the first year
- 50% of businesses fail by the end of the 5th year
- 70% of businesses fail by the end of the 10th year
On top of that, even though I knew personally that I could sell and I knew I could teach those that worked for me at scale, but the the doubt still crept into my mind:
"Can I do it in other industries? Can I do it at scale for others?"
In my first year in business, I feel very fortunate to have built a thriving and growing business. With zero funding, we've grown the business exponentially while maintaining a industry-leading profit margins.
More importantly, we've been able to impact thousands of reps around the world with our free training resources and we've worked with over 300+ sales professionals helping them win at sales whether they were brand new to sales or a seasoned 20+ year veteran looking for the edge.
This is across 20+ industries from software, IT, healthcare, consulting, capital equipment, MSP's, and more. Sales pros selling into small SMB's doing <$1M up to the C-Suite at Fortune 10 organizations.
Our success has also garnered us some fortunate attention as well..
I've been featured in Salesforce, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, CNBC, Business Insider, LinkedIn Top Voice - Sales, LinkedIn's Top 36 Sales Stars, Hippo Media's Top Sales Influencers to Follow, 100+ industry-leading podcasts, and I’m an executive member on the Forbes Business Council.
I've been fortunate even in the fact that the Salesforce recognized me 2X as one of Top 16 Sales Influencers You Should Know in the world.
How was I able to achieve this type of success in such a short time?
It's simple: I teach the exact proven framework and methodologies I've learned over my 14 years in selling and leading teams at the highest levels. 
I also continue to practice exactly what I preach in my business and it's why we've been fortunate to have been able to achieve some pretty cool things as a result!
I didn't come from money. I wasn't a born salesperson. In my heart, I'm still just that awkward and introverted kid born from poor immigrant parents.
In short, I went from nobody to financial freedom by my early 30's. If I can do it, so can you. 
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As a result of our explosive growth, we've grown from one person (me) to a small but nimble team of 4 across the world. Here are our established Mission and Values that we uphold daily.
🔭 Vision
To become the dominant marketplace leader for transforming sales reps into sales PROFESSIONALS
🧭 Mission
To help 1M+ B2B sales professionals earn 50-100%+ MORE each year while building bulletproof sales confidence.
⚖️ Values
We Operate with a CEO Mindset
We are the CEO’s of our roles - we own 100% of the successes and 100% of the failures. We constantly seek to improve results and execute at the highest level possible. 
We Respect Each Other
We treat each other and our clients with the utmost respect. 
Excellence is Our Minimum Expectation
We embody excellence and execute with precision. It’s not about perfection - it’s about being 100% focused when we execute to get the maximum output in whatever we are doing.
  •  Every single thing we say, do, write, etc. is a representation of each of us.
  •  We walk our talk - word is bond.
  •  We are hungry for success - we are never satisfied with yesterday’s results. We strive to be 1% better daily and value growth. Our actions REFLECT this.
  •  We are focused. Distraction is the enemy of focus and leads to mediocrity.
  •  We are here to make a difference in our own lives and our customers’. When we excel in what we do, we are making the world a better place as we are enriching the communities of all our clients.
  •  We simply CARE because it is who we are at the core.
(Energy X Focus)^Time = Results
We Fail Forward
It’s ok to make mistakes as that’s part of how we all learn. BUT we learn from the mistakes and fail forward. If we keep making the same mistakes over and over..then it’s time to look in the mirror.
We Make Zero Excuses
Excuses are for the weak-minded. FYE.
We Always Do What is Right
We are ethical in everything we do. We ALWAYS do what is right. No excuses.
We Are Customer Results-Focused
Customer Results are the bottom line. We deliver results in each of our roles to our highest ability to help our clients deliver results at the highest possible level as well.
Whether they are tangible or intangible, we deliver. (Ex: Tangible = high quality content, Intangible = Transformational Leadership)
We Communicate
We communicate with each other and our customers like professionals and how THEY want to be communicated with. Respectful, no surprises and 100% transparency.
We Reflect to Improve Ourselves and Our Company
We reflect daily and strive for improvement.
We Are Capital Efficient
We are smart and efficient with our cash flow. We focus on reinvesting profits back into the business to serve more customers and to serve them better.